LiftAid Transfer and Walking Gait Belt


About the product
  • MEDICAL GRADE QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – This machine washable gait belt is made of superior quality ultra-soft super-strong nylon. Comes with a 1 Year Warranty.
  • 6 TOTAL HAND GRIPS MAKES AMBULATION EASY – A total of 6 hand grips, 2 horizontal and 4 vertical, are secured firmly to the belt. This allows the caregiver to choose the best leverage points, reducing the risk of injury to the caregiver and patient.
  • ADJUSTABLE QUICK-RELEASE BUCKLE FOR FASTENING – The gait belt is designed for quick fastening and unfastening while providing ultimate security during patient transfer and ambulation.
  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT FOR THE PATIENT – The LiftAid Gait Belt features a 4” high-back, which is much wider than your traditional gait belts. The wider contact area provides greater comfort with higher weight bearing, allowing caregivers and nurses to transfer heavier patients with more control and less discomfort to the patient.
  • UNIVERSAL VERSATILE GAIT BELT – The belt is 52” long and fully adjustable It can be sized to fit patients of any age or weight range with waist sizes 28” to 52”. Just one LiftAid Gait Belt is ideal for all patients in your facility. This makes the LiftAid Gait Belt the most cost effective solution for your patient transfer and ambulation needs.


Reduce your facility’s clutter of assorted gait belts.
Does your facility need a one size gait belt solution for transferring patients?
Look no further as the LiftAid Gait and Tranfer Belt is your answer in providing maximum safety for your attendants and superior comfort to your patients.
Features and Benefits:

  • Durable construction will provide many years of use.
  • Super-soft and strong nylon material is machine washable and less receptive to bacterial growth than traditional cotton based belts.
  • 6 horizontal and vertical straps offer the ability to choose the safest and most optimal leverage points reducing caregiver risk of back injury.
  • The 4″ high-back provides greater comfort for the patient.
  • The quick-release buckle allows for quick and easy fastening and release.

Get the LiftAid Transfer and Gait Belt for your facility. Your employees and patients will thank you for it.


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